SmartBillions is not a company. This is a smart contract that undertakes a decentralized lottery with the unlimited theoretical potential of Jackpot. We believe that the quality and value of SmartBillions will prove to be superior to all current lottery services. To verify the security of the SmartBillions contract, the SmartBillions team will organize the contest 7 days before the start of the sale of the limited group financing (MAIN) code. The SmartBillions development team will put 1500 ETH into the Jackpot contract and offer an open invitation to anyone to try to break through the contract and withdraw funds. Hackathon will prove the security of the contract and declare that the owner of the Token investment is fully protected.

The symbols and distribution templates for SmartBions are very profitable for investors. SmartBlions is the first ICO offers side protection to its supporters of the masses.

Smartbillions provided to the public by SmartBillions symbolic symbols crowdsale (“ICO”), their target is expected at 200,000 ETH. 90% of the combined funds will be allocated to Jackpot. The remaining funds will be for marketing. SmartBillions The Token holders (“MAIN”) campaign will receive monthly earnings starting one month after the initial token display is closed. Annual productivity estimated at more than 30%.

Token Holder guarantees the protection of revolutionary investment. Allowed them to play code at any time after the closing date crowdsale PLAY code and restore most of the invested funds, even in case of unpredictable problems at this time.

Smart loans offer new benefits and competitive benefits

Key features of the Lottery Smart Billions Etherum summarize the unique and completely transparent character.


The task of SmartBillions is to provide a new economy that is fully transparent to the lottery world, bringing undeniable freedom and the same winning opportunity to all players around the world.

Self-regulatory self-help solutions provide unprecedented opportunities for SmartBillions to block categories of political games. The absence of internal and external governance, hidden costs, unclear rules and potential fraud will become the industry standard.


SmartBillions vision is to become the first real, transparent and anonymous global lottery with unlimited potential to win the Grand Prix. SmartBillions, with internal and transparent management and review will be a reference point for all future lottery projects. In short, we believe smart billions will be the biggest lottery in the world.

SmartBillions win the opportunity and double architecture: SmartBillions Lottery offers an unprecedented gift campaign. Participants will receive 2% of all Playlists – more than US $ 1.2 million.

SmartBillions is an intelligent contract from Etherrium where all processes are recorded in blockchain and general. SmartBillions is a lottery where players choose 6 numbers between 0 and 15 and set the value of their ticket. Payment requires at least two valid matches. The lottery result is taken from the segmentation of the third Ethereum block (last 6 digits). This ensures full transparency and fairness in the lottery.

SmartBillions comes the smart lottery character Ethryum Ethereum from:

* Lottery runs through smart contracts that work as a result of self-regulation sponsor. All processes are done in acetyl blockchain.

* Failing failure The sale of specific goals to fund the collective prize of the highest revenue in all online lottery (180,000 ETH) is limited, with the structure of victory which was not before and which is not limited to prize value.

* Full transparency and reliable security.

* Lack of registration fees that provide full concealment with the ability to purchase instant tickets.

* No previous deposit fee – Paying a ticket directly from a digital player’s portfolio.

* Pay instant, safe and anonymous immediately after each pull of the prizes.

* Bet almost immediately (less than 1 minute), score (about 60 seconds) and win payment (instant).

Market Lottery

The online and online gambling market continues to grow year by year. While the first level is US $ 359.3 billion in 2016, the value of the online market is estimated at US $ 44 billion. However, the online gambling category has seen a faster growth (10%) than traditional games currently, and is expected to reach $ 60 billion per year in 2020. The online sub-category online lottery market currently represents about $ 4 billion per year and is expected To grow at a rate of 10-12% per year).

Very interested in gifts attention

SmartBillions pay immediate, direct, safe and anonymous. They fold in many times of those


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ShareLock It is a platform that is global and decentralized, it is used to manage cumulative points and loyalty programs. Having analyzed a large number of loyalty programs of different points, the Developer did not find a good application. This leads to direct damage to the user, as well as to the fact that loyalty programs are not successfully implemented and the responsibility to the company increases.
Let’s look at how the project represents value for such a system and how this project differs from the project block platform, similar to the integration of scores. All users ShareLock can exchange points or miles that they received from the affiliate program, to tokens ShareLock or vice versa, exchange your tokens for points in the affiliate program. The user can use the ShareLock to purchase products in the affiliate program. Affiliate programs will benefit from more opportunities provided by marketing, promotion and shopping.
ShareLock It is a platform that uses blocks to solve problems related to direct damage to the user, and a loyalty program that is implemented by poor and increased liabilities to the company as a result of using too many loyalty programs. ShareLock Integrates points in ShareLock and provides the loyalty program to the user. For the most inexpensive with maximum security. In addition to reliability and low transaction costs, ShareLock using block circuit technology to eliminate the intermediary, providing users and partners with a result that makes more sense.
Points and miles are mainly used in our economic activities. According to the survey, two-thirds of the average American people use a point system from 29 different companies. For example, when flying on an airplane for business trips, use a credit card or in online stores points collected at any time. Usually these items receive a certain percentage of the purchase amount when we buy goods and services. For a customer, scores reduce the price of goods, allowing them to use points in the future as cash to buy goods and services. For business, they can expect increased customer loyalty and can encourage customers to focus on their services.
User ShareLock can easily integrate and manage tokens ShareLock and point. them to each company around the world in the wallet ShareLock Users can also easily exchange their glasses for tokens ShareLock or a token ShareLock for partners points. In addition, in the purse ShareLock includes an advertising channel that provides advertising partners or coupons to users or partners in real time. This allows the partnership ShareLock attract more customers and promote more loyalty programs. In addition, the store ShareLock users can purchase goods or services from a partnership.
Every company that we meet starts a loyalty program using points. The market for these goods costs more than billions and grows by 6% per year. However, this means that there is a lot of type of different accounts, because there is a lot of business around the world. In desperation, the client is difficult to manage and use his glasses. Even for business, the points unused lead to loyalty programs lower than expected, and adversely affect their debt. ShareLock is a decision of decentralization based on a lock that solves the problem of the loyalty program at this time with the use of glasses. Key Features ShareLock including ShareLock wallet, exchange, ShareLock promotion to feed and store. ShareLock
Project ShareLock is the decision of block decentralization, which solves the problem of a loyalty program that uses points. Key Features ShareLock purse ShareLock purse, exchange exchange, ShareLock feed promotion, and store. ShareLock
Token ShareLock is designed as a token, compatible with ERC20 on the Ethereum platform and takes advantage of the locking technology. Target audience ShareLock – an airline, a travel agency, a market leader, as well as online stores around the world. With such advantages, ShareLock based on an advanced, safe and effective locking technology, will own a billion dollars in the global market.
What problems does the project solve?
Below are the identified problems. Increase in the company’s liabilities: points that are not used are recorded as liabilities. Due to the fact that customer points are becoming less and less in demand, the company’s liabilities are becoming more significant and have a negative impact on their financial assessments. Low performance loyalty program: this is due to the low use of scores, the company can not achieve the performance of the loyalty program, as expected. low productivity, how to put social costs for the client and business.
Complexity of control points: on average 29 programs are registered, different, so it is difficult to control points and leads to the fact that the glasses expire. The profit will be provided by this platform. Both users and enterprises can use the platform chair. Users can exchange their points for ShareLock or use your points at Shop Point. Users get access to promotion through advertising channels for access to advertising from interested companies.
ShareLock Wallet allows you to manage and integrate multiple partners at the same time. The company has access to more customers, which allows them to quickly sell their products at the pointer. Exchange models ShareLock help companies effectively reduce their liabilities. Partners can encourage greater loyalty to potential customers by using feed and storage assignments. ShareLock