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The introduction arrival development advancement of blockchain technology brings a fresh system and model for businesses. Before blockchain, companies and organizations that operate for income revenue earnings must discover a way to expenses costs invoice their users to ensure income revenue earnings. Also, they need to proceed through multiple stations programs to ensure they are transparent (that they sometimes still discover a way to evade).

With blockchain, a business can issue its tokens predicated on smart contracts gives users a surety of transparency and immediate participation engagement in the organization’s options selections alternatives in line with the consensus model.

This change of model is finding its way in to the ecommerce industry. The surge climb go up of online shopping giants within the last 2 years ages generations have been serious deep. The centralized character characteristics mother nature dynamics aspect of the industry, however, creates conditions that can’t be truly solved fixed settled if the machine remains keeps stays on continues continues to be centralized. Issues such as unjust pricing, concealed invisible costs and data misuse mistreatment maltreatment. The goal of decentralization in the ecommerce industry is to make a system that benefits the retailers vendors and buyers similarly evenly, and also prioritize a fantastic an outstanding consumer customer end user individual experience over earnings income revenue gains.

One task job with the purpose of placing adding the ecommerce industry on the blockchain is ApolloX, which is designed seeks aspires to make a blockchain-based ecosystem for everything ecommerce.

About ApolloX

ApolloX is a blockchain solution for online e-commerce with a huge a sizable quantity of amount of variety of volume of range of existing individuals members and mainstream adoption. In addition, it is designed seeks aspires to disrupt the prevailing online marketplace scenery panorama surroundings landscaping and be the first selection of online stations programs to sellers internationally, especially new retailers vendors with cross boundary offering advertising needs. Existing marketplaces or outlets retailers could also migrate their business to ApolloX system program for cost decrease lowering, faster customer acquisitions and better brand acknowledgement reputation identification popularity acceptance.

ApolloX is a system program for building decentralized e-commerce applications and services on blockchain. ApolloX use tokenization and decentralization to displace today’s rent-seeking business organization venture with a fresh style of complete shopping safety security safeguard coverage cover, data security and little nominal commission.

They will work to disrupt today’s e-commerce market place market industry current market software industry industry and offer everyone all the great things about benefits associated with trading via a by way of a through the by using a by having a marketplace like Amazon . com with no minus the unnecessary costs which come from monopolistic intermediaries.


ApolloX Ecosystem

ApolloX is a decentralized ecosystem linking hooking up attaching joining buyers and retailers vendors with trust and efficiency, without information silo and commission rate percentage commission payment payment fee fees. The ecosystem has three blocks.

Shops Run Driven Power by ApolloX

Impartial Self-employed 3rd party Indie Unbiased web stores and decentralized marketplaces constructed with ApolloX Protocol.

ApolloX Protocol

A protocol layer that means it is easy to create to develop to construct to make to generate decentralized e-commerce applications and services on blockchain. The ApolloX process standard protocol contain:

Attribution Process Standard protocol: Rewards community for recommendation traffic and affiliate marketer internet marketer affiliate marketing internet affiliate sales
Payment Process Standard protocol: Securely exchanges repayment between buyer and vendor owner retailer to avoid frauds and speed up turnarounds
Reputation Process Standard protocol: A trustable review system for products and retailers vendors. Rewards traditional real high quality reviews and penalizes deceptive behaviors
Oracle and Data Process Standard protocol: Trustable data IO between ApolloX system program and external programs software to amplify the worthiness of data in ApolloX platform
Arbitration Process Standard protocol: Resolves disputes in a clear translucent and effective successful useful productive reliable way through stake and concern task test struggle issue with rewards
Community Built Process Standard protocol: Soon all ApolloX users people associates participants customers can build their own protocols that will best help and progress move forward the ApolloX community

ApolloX Community

An easy growing community of produces makes companies producers, sellers, customers, companies and technologists. Community users people associates participants customers add and get compensated for providing value to the complete community.

ApolloX Use Case

Decentralized Marketplace

The decentralized market place market industry current market software industry with an unequalled unrivaled unmatched user experience

Independent Stores

Powers impartial self-employed 3rd party indie unbiased stores with blockchain and the ApolloX network , charging little nominal fees and producing intrinsic traffic

E-Commerce Services

Service businesses for the retailers vendors and purchasers customers potential buyers clients, such as decentralized shopping data exchange and decentralized shopping insurance market

ApolloX Token

ApolloX Token (APXT) was created to facilitate deals orders ventures trades within ApolloX ecosystem and promote positive contribution to the city.

You will find You can find You will discover A couple of multiple ways for every single for each and every role to earn and spend APXT in the ecosystem.

Earn for posting writing showing interpersonal sociable cultural public communal accounts. Customers can earn APXT by starting beginning accounts and linking hooking up attaching joining social networks.
Purchase services on ApolloX network. Retailers Vendors need to cover system program service fees such as ad advertising campaign advertisements advert and search rating position rank standing with APXT.
Rewards and Affiliate marketer Internet marketer Affiliate marketing Internet affiliate Program. Members generate affiliate marketer internet marketer affiliate marketing internet affiliate traffic earn APXT as rewards for affiliate purchases requests.
Perks for users people associates participants customers holding APXT. High quality Superior High grade Top quality Prime members who keep maintain carry APXT tokens receive benefits incentives such as discount rates special discounts savings in purchasing and free service.


Token Information

Token Ticker: APXT
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Total Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 APXT
Token for Sale: 3,500,000,000 APXT
Acceptable currencies: ETH, Fiat
Price in ICO: 1 APXT = 0.0055 USD
Soft cap: 6,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 14,000,000 USD
Registration Country: USA

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