By coming up with smart-based based blockchain contracts, without self-reliance, the demand for Oracle services that make agreements with the effect of relationships has increased dramatically. Most of the existing applications depend on one or more of the systems for completing the outcome of the agreement. In cases where both sides accept the authority and uncertainties of the following prophecy, this is sufficient. However, in most cases, one of the corresponding oracles is missing or prophecy can not be considered aserrors that may occur or fraud. Oracle location appears on this list. Location account details body hope, upload tools, storage, and editing prophecy are provided, all of these things are produced in error and damaged. Accidents include data management, waste data, data loss and integration.



Hello friends, Today I will talk about a very interesting ICO project. We will discuss how DECOIN will use blockchain technology in the sub-section, and will discuss widely about the ICO information.What is DECOIN?

BEFORE the Platinum Money and the Exchange Exchange Exchange Platform do not include profits in Parliament. Start the blockchain base- “Sharing Sharing Sharing”. God’s deco, which shares all the profits of money and well-known, efficient, easier, and easier than the Currency Exchange and Trading Platform for building. Additionally, high secure security promises are fast, reliable and reliable sales opportunities to ensure full trading with users.


Beyond Of Screen

Imagine watching a movie, any screen, based on a real and interesting story about real information. Imagine watching a music video and want to know where the artist comes and buy a ticket for their concerts. Imagine you want a quick recipe prepared by a cook in your favorite cooking shows. If you are a person who believes that this information should be readily available, believe that it is just outside the screen.Outside the Screen (BSS) lets you use your mobile or tablets to check any video content on any screen to find out more about this topic easily and quickly. All you have to do is emphasize your mobile device on your video content until you get the information you need. Simply that.


Shivom – Genomeg Data For Everyone On Platform

Shivom is a dedicated project company dedicated to changing current biotechnology and medical enterprises by hiring a new DNA data source. Shivom will provide a DNA storage facility for suppliers who will eventually assist in biotechnology, health professionals and research institutions provided by the Government.

He attempts to convert the healthcare industry by providing more information about DNAs stored in large services and available at any location in the world. Data will help doctors see the new drugs and provide better health care facilities in growing areas.



Quifas is the most secure protection kryptocurrency provided for the community. All users can do it easily, very quickly and very profitable. Quifas also provides the best customer service.Features and Services:

1. Increased customer service.

We try to solve the problem within 24 hours or less. It is a multilingual support and allows us to solve any problems.