The essential idea behind the Rateonium system is to produce to generate to make to build to set-up an interior cryptocurrency that new users get obtain acquire by submitting an assessment in regards to a company. This money is exchanged for rewards from taking part engaging companies. Thus, an individual can redeem rewards simply by doing each day every day day-to-day things at no additional expense or work. The intrinsic inspiration determination drive desire to post send reviews, the “daily ranking score motion”, is continuously constantly regularly upheld by the motivation of quickly accessible rewards.

These rewards change from company to company and can be customised. The amount of The number of the Rateonium tokens exchanged is dependant on how big is the incentive prize praise compensation pay back. Rateonium verifies the grade of the reviews prior to the tokens are triggered turned on in the app.

Contracting spouse companies are contained in the Rateonium network with a subscription system.

The basic regular monthly regular every month charge is dependant on the amount of branches built-into the machine and the earnings made per branch. Using the With all the Together with the While using Along with the wide selection of cooperation partners which may have that contain already been verified proved affirmed validated established in addition to other interested celebrations functions get-togethers gatherings people, Rateonium may use the exact membership registration fees to build up long-term system programs strategies ideas for the firms and generate an interior profit.

For web stores, the subscription payment cost is dependant on an appraisal of the business’s financial power durability, which varies in line with the quantity amount and size of the areas locations parts served.

The company’s occurrence in the Rateonium system with the built-in included involved built in designed report on customer reviews supplies the chance to deal with tackle address plan clients, by specific focus on concentrate on goal aim for organizations groupings teams categories communities, as a “trusted company”. The possibility to offer users rewards they need also escalates the effectiveness of the customer consumer acquisition method.

For customers, the positive connection with obtaining acquiring free rewards escalates the probability that they can form an emotion-based, long-term romantic relationship marriage romance with the business. Rateonium is thus in a position to change customer relationships over time, establishing placing setting up arranging preparing new global requirements specifications criteria expectations benchmarks.Rateonium is a system program that is at the forefront in communication between customers and companies. To be able to prevent too little practicality triggered brought on induced by fluctuating exchange rates, the Rateonium token network gets the two different tokens, that have already handled upon.

Both of these tokens will be the Rateonium token and the Ratec token. The second option last mentioned will be sold through the Token Sale occasions situations incidents occurrences happenings and can be exchanged bought and sold on major trading systems programs websites. The Rateonium token can only just be utilized to redeem rewards and can’t be traded.

The interface between your two tokens is a specially developed exchange system that permits users to switch them in a user-friendly manner. However, the exchange system means that the Rateonium system money cannot be subjected to any exchange rate fluctuations. This user interface software program permits a never seen before security. This means that the Rateonium money is protected covered from centres of speculative trade and the producing ensuing causing fluctuation in cryptocurrency exchange rates.
The machine in Detail

The next diagram illustrates the entire system:

To be able to describe make clear the functions, the series collection of a repeating continuing process is referred to as follows:

The client, Chris, is on the over a business trip. At night, he plans to visit an upscale restaurant along with his colleagues.

He starts the Rateonium software iphone app on his iPhone to learn to determine which restaurants will meet his anticipations objectives targets goals prospects. The software iphone app offers Chris the best restaurants within his desired radius, relating regarding matching corresponding to customer reviews. He chooses makes a decision determines to visit a restaurant that is 500 metres away to dine along with his colleagues.

He and his friends are incredibly happy with the laundry they are offered dished up. After Chris payed the service and confirmed this along with his Rateonium cards credit card greeting card, he gets the chance to record file report his experience at the restaurant by means of an assessment, which is anonymised and distributed around the worldwide Rateonium network.

The amount of Rateonium tokens is dependant on the price of the particular individual respected service or product. So for investing in a product well worth worthy of value price EUR5, Chris gets obtains will get 50 Rateonium tokens.

To be able to set up a sense of percentage between expensive and less costly products, also to and protect smaller companies from being discredited, there can be an top higher limit of 1000 RTO. Furthermore, rewards can only just be redeemed once at the same business inside a in just a in a within the set timeframe.

The rate of recurrence regularity consistency occurrence of ratings that may be posted published for the same company is also limited. This permits Rateonium to ensure that no users have the ability to redeem a disproportionately massive amount rewards at one company and so harm the business enterprise.

To be able to protect the identification personality id individuality personal information of an individual, the review is merely uploaded a while time after it is posted published, relating regarding matching corresponding to a arbitrary algorithm. Because of this, the business cannot see which users have posted published which reviews, though tokens are allocated sent out soon after the ranking score is confirmed. As this may take between one and twelve time, the root Blockchain transaction does not have any time limit. Following the rating undergoes, the RTO tokens are automatically made by the Rateonium system and then automatically delivered to be paid.
Up & down ranking score decides establishes can determine relevance of submitted reviews

The Rateonium system also offers the choice of allowing other users to stop or down rankings scores evaluations, allowing particular reviews to be designated proclaimed as helpful or improper unacceptable incorrect. The writer benefits because he/she gets obtains will get tokens when his/her review is categorized labeled grouped categorised as helpful by other users.

This ability to judge different reviews also raises boosts improves enhances heightens their relevance in regards to to companies’ inner interior inside quality management attempts initiatives work. It allows these to those to readily draw complete conclusions concerning which aspects are most significant to customers. To be able to maintain data personal privacy level of privacy privateness here as well, no consumer customer end user individual data is shown exhibited viewed in the Rateonium system program. Only a cryptic “unique number”, made for the users during sign up enrollment subscription, is preserved kept in the associated accounts bank account consideration bill profile and acts assists functions as a research guide reference point point for the ranking score.

Inside our example, Chris will get the Rateonium tokens stored in the budget finances pocket included in his app. He now gets the option of redeeming them at any taking part engaging company.

He is able to They can, for example, redeem the Rateonium tokens at a huge a sizable cinema string, getting a supplementary drink for a set RTO amount total. Our example with Chris is an excellent illustration of how individualised the redeemable rewards can be.

If Chris desires would like wishes needs to utilize to make use of to work with the made tokens in another manner, he is able to they can, for example, publication reserve e book booklet an upgrade to another best chair seats couch seating at his favorite soccer sports basketball club’s next match.

Or if he’d prefer to add additional baggage suitcases or snack foods treats appetizers goodies on his next airline flight trip air travel journey airfare, he can do this achieve this do it accomplish that achieve this task with the Rateonium spouse airline in trade for a specific particular given level of Rateonium tokens.
Offline and online era technology of RTO

Two different procedures techniques operations functions are being used to switch RTO tokens:

Regarding online buys acquisitions, Rateonium users receive the choice of seeing described identified rewards throughout their purchase.

Within an extra windows windowpane home window screen, they receive usage of their wallets by getting into coming into going into stepping into joining a cryptic consumer customer end user individual name and the software iphone app password. They could also verify validate the selected incentive prize praise compensation pay back utilizing the app’s scanning device function to check out check a QR code. For buys acquisitions at a company’s branch location, a scanning device installed on-site can be used is employed to provide dual two times verification to trigger stimulate switch on the token deal purchase business deal exchange transfer. The client can check out check his/her customer cards credit card greeting card on the business’s premises through the repayment process. This straight immediately activates the business’s reward for the client and exchanges the tokens for the determined decided on preferred specific particular reward using their off their from other of their using their company account.

Both ways of redeeming tokens result in the burning up using using up getting rid of of the tokens following the circulation syndication of the incentive prize praise compensation pay back has been verified proved affirmed validated established. This means that the total quantity of amount of variety of volume of range of tokens in the machine is always handled manipulated by the amount of active users.
The business as a Rateonium client

Companies be a part of this technique by subscribing. The specific The particular The exact You see, the Some of the subscription payment cost includes the local rental hire lease rentals of the cards credit card greeting card reading device, extensive thorough complete detailed addition in the Rateonium system program, and specialized technological complex and tactical proper support. The purchase price for this regular monthly regular every month subscription is mostly generally based on the amount of participating branches.

For the entrance fee, guidelines variables such as earnings and the amount of customers every month are also logged. From the next month, the membership registration payment cost is correlated straight immediately with the business’s quantity of amount of variety of volume of range of associated users, reviewers, and incentive prize praise compensation pay back redemptions. This is actually the only way to ensure that large companies businesses organizations firms do not completely dominate smaller businesses because of the quantity of amount of variety of volume of range of reviews.

Similarly Also Furthermore Moreover In the same way, the Rateonium network does not have any company update option, nor are sponsored adverts advertising offered by means of pay-per-click models. This leads to brings about ends in ends up with results a good market situation for all those for those for many for everyone for any participating companies, but still allows companies to acquire excellent financial potential customers leads potential clients via the Rateonium company membership registration system.

Another significant necessity need users have when working coping interacting with cryptocurrencies is the likelihood opportunity of trading the precise money on common trading systems programs websites. The near future price development through the continual development of Rateonium is supposed to guarantee investors dealers merchants stock traders professionals earnings income revenue gains. We do not desire to keep maintain carry our Token Sales Deal participants back again again from the choice to operate on leading international trading systems programs websites. However, a working performing and suitable money system must be predicated on a certain amount of insulation from price fluctuations. Especially Specifically in regards to to the extreme fluctuations in the costs of cryptocurrencies, this type of insulation is a essential measure.
Rateonium’s two-token system rectifies weaknesses in today’s cryptocurrency market

The two-token system solves this issue. The Rateonium token can’t be traded and can be used is employed solely as organs and circulatory system currency, to spend after submitting reviews also to and redeem rewards. The Ratec token, on the other hands palm side, can be exchanged bought and sold, but it can’t be found in the ranking score system or exchanged for rewards from companies.

The Ratec token is obtained through the Token Sales Deal, and, and prior to the token is outlined detailed shown posted stated at the exchanges, the owners of Ratec tokens can be first to check the Rateonium system. That is enabled by the initial swap function, where Ratec tokens can be changed into Rateonium tokens at a particular rate. This special set preset predetermined resolved permanent course option is locked after a month. The Ratec Token gets outlined detailed shown posted stated on the largest trading platforms later on soon after after later. To any extent further the changing-course will depend on is determined by the actual noticeable designated proclaimed price. This implies, all users people associates participants customers of the token sales deal can transform their Tokens for a particular price and can test the machine as first individuals people folks.

Another benefit edge benefits advantages gain for the first participants in the machine is the special release start kick off introduction unveiling offers. Many companies will appeal to entice catch the attention of draw in get consumers at the release start kick off introduction unveiling of the machine with rewards that are especially specifically in demand.
Benefits for Token Sales Deal participants

Each participant in the Token Sales Deal is offered the next benefits:
Because of the exchange system explained referred to defined identified detailed above, the owners of Ratec tokens have previous early prior early on preceding usage of the Rateonium system.

The first individuals members in the machine will reap the benefits of special starting rewards, which is provided by the firms in the first stage period of the machine
Each participant in the Token Sales Deal can determine make a decision whether to operate the Ratec tokens they acquire on the major cryptocurrency marketplaces market segments or exchange them for Rateonium tokens and acquire rewards to them on their behalf for these people for the kids for the coffee lover.

In case a If the When a participant deposits some or most of his/her tokens in the trading systems programs websites, they are incredibly likely to benefit from changes in the exchange rate triggered brought on induced by the buzz media hype hoopla encircling adjoining bordering encompassing the Rateonium system, which is expected be made by the later growth development enlargement extension of the business enterprise
The Rateonium cards credit card greeting card is provided to every participant in the Token Sales Deal cost-free. For just about any additional users, the cards credit card greeting card can be bought for a one-time charge payment cost price rate.

It costs EUR20 and it is and is also which is sent out specifically solely entirely only in blend combo with various special offers special deals. As well as the financing described within the next section, there are other known reasons for keeping having possessing positioning retaining the Token Sales Deal.

The Rateonium application

Users of the Rateonium system get access to a variety of functions and regions of application. To be able to actually get obtain acquire universally valuable rewards without traceability or evaluation research examination of the of these with their information, they need to proceed through a verified sign up enrollment subscription process in the machine. First of all, the Rateonium software iphone app can be downloaded via the state homepage on web sites of the genuine reputable reliable respectable authentic spouse companies and on Yahoo Play or the Apple store. The software iphone app is absolve to download for all those for those for many for everyone for any users worldwide.
User front side forward prominent leading end

In the key menu of the Rateonium app, each consumer customer end user individual will see his/her own figures reports information, comprising reviews provided and opinions responses reviews on his/her own reviews, use consumption trends, and most importantly his/her current quantity of amount of variety of volume of range of Rateonium factors details items things tips. Rateonium rankings determined computed and displayed instantly allow each consumer customer end user individual to follow the grade of his/her reviews and options opportunities choices alternatives prospects for using his/her rating report credit score within an up-to-date manner.

Several aspects may only be looked at by specific users in private setting function method. Upon individual demand get need submission question and explicit verification, however, a few of the account details can be produced obvious to other users. The average person aspects of the trunk end are the following.
Company front side entrance entry forward leading end

Upon completing sign up enrollment subscription, companies will get obtain acquire an individual gain access to mixture comprising a consumer customer end user individual name and security password. To register, they need to first complete a record file doc report on the Rateonium website, available under the hyperlink “Partner Registration”, saying proclaiming the business’s key numbers statistics characters results information and identification figures amounts quantities statistics volumes. After review and confirmation, a focus on concentrate on goal aim for plan is developed alongside the partner company. This consists of the amount of taking part engaging branches, customer throughput, and expected customer use.

Following this information is set and analysed, the foreseeable payout will be approximated believed predicted projected and the business will be allocated appropriately consequently to somebody category. The regular monthly regular every month charge for taking part in the Rateonium system will depend on is determined by this spouse category.
From the point of view of the buyer, Rateonium is the first extensive thorough complete detailed rating website site to give you a give a user-friendly and cross-industry summary of confirmed customer reviews.
The exclusive character characteristics mother nature dynamics aspect of Rateonium is situated specifically on the multiple encryption functions steps it uses, its important protection of private information, and the utilization of blockchains in its review system.

ICO Timeline

Token distribution

Buy token on: https://rateonium.com/

Budget use


Q1 – 2016
Rateonium Ltd founded in Macedonia

Q2 – 2016
Strategic planning
Elaboration of the system specification sheet

Q3 – 2016
Team Recruitment and talent search
Search for partners and investors

Q4 – 2016
-Developments of the Rateonium system

-First sales acquisition of European partner companies

Q1 – 2017
Meetings with investors
Furhter sales acquisition of European partner companies
Implementation of the Legal & Financial Department

Q2 – 2017
Legal preparation
Partner network construction

Q3 – 2017
Further developments of the system specification sheet
Implementation of IT Department and Sales Department

Q4 – 2017
Opening German branch in Hamburg
Conception of token sale process

Q1 – 2018
Completion of partner network basis
App development and system preparation
Launching branches in Vancouver and London

Q2 – 2018
Expansion of the IT Department and CTO announcement
Opening Indian branch in Bangalore
ICO Website development
RTC Token creation
Implementation of the Marketing Department

Q3 – 2018
RTC Token Pre Sale & Token Sale
Cooperation with ICO Rating & Listing Platforms
Implementation and evaluation of project advisors

Implementation of App & system
Final system developments
Completion of the community basis

11 – 2018
Publication of Rateonium Cards for ICO participants
Market expansion in Europe
Further expansion of our partner network

12 – 2018
Special exchange open for ICO participants (RTC to RTO)
Rateonium App available in istore and playstore
Preparation for the Asian and American market
Anual financial statement conference of investors and the Management Board
Publishing of the annual report and presentation of the Business Plan for 2019

Q1 – 2019
RTC exchange enabled on the four largest trading platforms
Full launch of the Rateonium system
Sales acquisition of Asian and American partner companies

Q2 – 2019
Market expansion in Asia and America
Further community growth worldwide
Building of branches in San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong and Tokio

Q3 – 2019
Expansion of the Financial Department
Negotiation with leading venture capital investors
Performance of IPO roadshow

Q4 – 2019
Initial Public Offering of Rateonium
Share & Stakeholder conference in New York

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