Now, the idea of ​​sharing stock products begins to grow rapidly, recording 1.2 billion photographs taken from 2017, a total increase of $ 600 billion in 2013. The number of photographs can be shown annually by stage by sharing flows The appearance has been considered. However, with that number, only couples can change their visual content, and others share content only but do not fully benefit from it. We will reassure the action and start the building as “SELFLLERY” Customize platform platforms that enable users, and platforms to minimize under the community that share visual content. We can make the community easier and consider sharing the visual elements and, therefore,I take many pictures with my camera phone, but I’m smart enough to know that I’m a few birds. How many pictures are taken every year? About 1.2 billion were arrested in 2017.

Facebook is over and overlooked to buy Instagram in 2012, but see what others do not: everyone can be a photographer and their phones. Camera repair camera will only change, and the price equals price to one or more photos per photo. In other words, back in 2012, Facebook recognizes that everyone will take many pictures and give them. By coming back, the wedding Facebook / Instagram is perfect as your business.

Is there a monetizer? Yes, but maybe you do not think.
Updates of visual content occur with ads on web pages (such as Facebook) or by direct marketing. Both methods use business use.

On the exact side of the sale, only the images are usually purchased. To satisfy the quality of quality quality, you usually need final storage equipment and technicians. On advertising side, end users do not share any benefits, while shareholders are reaping all the benefits.

I will admit that you can have the impact and success of accessing 1 million fans and reviewing the company’s system. However, I believe the system is reserved for festivals, models, and people who can earn money from their pictures.

Install blockchain technology.

Blockchain makes it easy to make friends with friends. That’s where SELFLLERY believes it can support money for a person’s partner by taking blockchain and distributing what is called toys. Users will receive rewards for activities related to the publication and distribution of visual content.


SELFLLERY wants to create an interesting marketplace for work on the platform. This platform will include common features such as “Likes”, windows and measurement programs. SELFLLERY will also use integration and presentation of photography competition and scots. Photoquest can be one or more player where a user is given to create a particular image of a pet, animal or category of a small age. The selected photoquest user hire is restored to your mark.

Additionally, SELFLLERY will provide photographs for storing images where users can post and sell their images.

Finally, SELFLLERY will have a reliable program where recognized / growing users will benefit from your bonus bonus using the credibility of all players, which will increase the value of the goods you receive.

SELFLLERY Business Model

Do you think a company that is compatible with cryptocurrency is “free” for use? Think again. SELFLLERY needs to make profits work like any other ICO.

SELFLLERY will pay for the following services:

The sale of products and services at markets
Selling photos on cell storage
Ad programs, photographs, competitions, photoshops
Smart promotion contract
SELFLLERY will become an AdTech advertising site for companies that want to promote products and services through marketing campaigns and cost / images / actions / features / features.


YOUR NAME has been signed in TYPEERC START DATE4 ICO-20 March 2018 (3 weeks) with permission DATE1 a minimum of 0,001 MINIMUM.1 Financial Approval Eth Eth
Cost REGION PERCENT% Marketing50 Product Development Usaha10 Produk25 %%% Cadangan Fund10 Offices No 5%


DATE FUNCTIONS 2018TGE Launch Q1, growth, marketing, marketing modules, edit image images, iOS app Beta Q2 2018 Future Developing modules, global marketing campaigns

If I do a search using the following cryptocurrency shift key and add Ad Kodak it may be incredible, you can find or remember as proposed by SELFLLERY. I’m unusual because I think at least one ICO and other ICOs will decorate the same thing. Depending on how you look, they may fall or not. I will let you make a decision.

One of my ICO writing programs to think about myself is using the product / service. It is not told that SELFLLERY will need to link and show viral show for free, easy to use. I see myself using SELFLLERY, but this great platform is that many people 1) Beware of them and 2) can be used regularly. SELFLLERY is the challenge of driving their platforms and doing so, and I tell you that anyone can win it. Facebook is working because it is one of the non-political events in public affairs. Can SELFLLERY be a dedicated program? I think that’s right, but the right conditions should be together with luck. I can be glad when SELFLLERY improves the promotion of Teaching and / or celebs up. You find and maybe there is a flood of the following users.

Generally, I like this SELFLLERY view, but it’s a challenge to create a name and purpose that is known to control all your computer needs and always makes users feel part of that cool person. I think it’s a good sign of purpose for work ( Now it should be noted that adding cryptocurrency will be the cause of growth.

I wish to be happy to monitor their progress (with the user). I think you should be careful to do the same thing. There is a big ICO since March 4, 2018.

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