Hello friends, Today I will talk about a very interesting ICO project. We will discuss how DECOIN will use blockchain technology in the sub-section, and will discuss widely about the ICO information.What is DECOIN?

BEFORE the Platinum Money and the Exchange Exchange Exchange Platform do not include profits in Parliament. Start the blockchain base- “Sharing Sharing Sharing”. God’s deco, which shares all the profits of money and well-known, efficient, easier, and easier than the Currency Exchange and Trading Platform for building. Additionally, high secure security promises are fast, reliable and reliable sales opportunities to ensure full trading with users.

DECON is a technology protection system for full-time users and ensure that user abuse will completely disable the block block usage by integrating itself with the same power. DECOIN aims to set up Global Services services for the preparation of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


“DEIN OF PEOPLE” creates a platform that offers couples and users the opportunity to sell fast, affordable and affordable sales. Add a supporting support team and negotiate with the public sector, then focus on share share share and have a Boat Boat.

The goal is to create a multi-currency marketing system with easy-to-use, quick and easy access to investors and investors.

Additionally, this high level of Deco protection is, independently working to ensure that users, easy and reliable affiliations to share with their donor world donate is no doubt the way to the new border! Respect us, we will pass through these streams.

If you are interested in marketing the public, you can follow our sales event. Our packages are safe and safe.


1. Access
We build an environmentally friendly, high quality and economical environment

2. Revenue Revenue and Revenue.
The market may have risen or fallen-due to the sale of DECOIN owners and daily change. IF YOU should, the Fund shares all income and benefits with the owner. Advertising fees include: distribution, shipping, collection, accidents and entry lines.

3. Full support
Accessing some of our Consumer Internet services with accurate knowledge and information that will help you get started in the crypto class

4. Investing
Deco POS algorithm, that amount will set up an Internet Deco tender and earn its rewards honestly and accept all cash donations from 6.2% of shareholders.

5. Money and money
The First Shipping System that directly provides our grants using your D-TEP credit card. You can save time in another way.


Our vision and work to become the Best Trade and Trade Platform for global crypto money.

You will be our partner in the family. DECOIN means “personal medallion” for the purpose of sharing information about water and sharing server benefits to change. Our commitment to the Exchange Crypto-currency platform is, therefore in its context and nature of block power and the ability of users to be fully utilized.


Safety – Following business level, D-TEP protects all safe data stored on stage. Real-time real-time coverage includes a great security user interface, sales deletion, merchants and swaps.

It’s estimated – that taking 1 million has a second D-toe code today, to create one of the most significant changes in the market, which can make huge trading prices unexpected.

Quickly – D-TEP uses new technologies that enable us to continue sales / sales orders without delay, indicating that there are some changes available.

Social trade – The leading traders who are interested in D-TEP’s best sellers and decide to buy DECOINS to be regularly featured in their activities and learn more about the experience and experience of some merchants.

Sales Tools – D-TEPs also plan to provide financial instruments as a variety of agreements (CFDs) that allow traders to benefit by growing prices or prices under the flow of money. BEGINS The review team will regularly report on the new ICO and market standards / digital issues on the market.


Name: DTEP
Platform: Algo
Type: Money
ICO value: 1 DTEP = 0.9 USD
BONUS Sales: 50%
Trademarks: 42,000,000
Purchase: ETH, BTC, fiat
Shared to ICO: 60%
Signature seal: 4 million USD
Hard protection: $ 30 million


S4 – 2017
Development of DECOIN by 6.2% POS payment of the billing agreement; Organize offices of the world to support and support DECOIN owners and DECOIN new with high quality and support support.

Q1 – 2018
Advertising real estate; The Initial Money Offer (ICO) begins marketing and promoting debtors.

Q2 – 2018
Test Exchange Bet Exchange Platform (D-TEP); Pre-ICO categories and ICOs; BEGINNER has been added to more than one sale; Launch of Wallet + Start DECOINS to broadcast.

Q3 – 2018
Developing a D-TEP location; Starting a marketing system (D-TEP).

Q4 – 2018
Introducing the New Exchange Department.

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