VIVA’s New Property Building Complex will use Microsoft Blockchain Agreements

In your opinion, with Blockchain technology, we can sell dreams like luxury homes, luxury cars, and so on. Now think of the rapid development of Blockchain technology – all of them use technology. and one of them is VIVA. VIVA is a subsidiary company that provides credit services through the Blockchain technology through Smartcha Contracts, and Viva Financing Program utilizes free contractor technology to communicate directly with local customers and lenders. , to create free markets and eliminate the need for large affiliates and home buyers!

We believe VIVA’s network is at least in our free and attractive market. The VIVA network has a great deal of good work – I do not think it is a good way to improve the lending process but to be managed by big banks for hundreds of years. The VIVA network is here to support the usual way to build big banks and repatriate people. The funding system is good, fast, and usually includes – with your help, it can be a new level in the future.

It’s your coincidence! By taking advantage of this opportunity, you can visit the VIVA website, continue shopping, and get the most sales on May 29, 2018.

Thanks again to your friends, hopefully, today all of you are healthy and healthy, and the project is very fast and fast, especially in the development of local languages ​​in the digital project. Hopefully, the existence of a VIVA project may be beneficial to a decision if it supports the project. Success is finally a project for VIVA.

Viva is the world’s largest mortgage lending technology. Viva platform uses the intellectual agreement to study for students in the home environment, to go to ecosystems and to be in danger to integrate with borrowers and investors. Using Viva ultra-safe chains, Viva makes the process of borrowing profitable and effective for all stakeholders. Viva allows the free market to find the right price for a passenger and complete the bank’s demand with some financial management. Unemployment mortgage rates in the financial system will be more precise and accurate, reflecting the risk of asset-related assets. The failure of the banking system in 2008 led to the first cash flow and started the electricity supply process in financial accounts. Soon, you’re hoping to find a job – you can leave the financial system for years without it.


Vuva Platform

To find a wide range of features for the Viva Platform Network, we describe it as another group to improve it. This is an important part of the separate grouping, usually negotiated through the API burial process, and events that can be investigated to intelligently block contract. This section is intended for intellectual purposes and fully integrated into user level. The main program that covers the Viva Network Platform:

We think the true solution is a solution to global inequalities in economic development. The new thing is to demonstrate the ability to build beBlockchain Technology and destroy some of the world’s largest businesses. Reducing the Viva process is aimed at transforming the mortgage debt into the mortgages as mediators, so the use of funds is easy and transparent. We believe this technology will expand the availability of loans to borrowers with first-time investors, which allows Viva to participate in institutional participation that does not have reliable assets associated with a fixed product, investment contracts for mortgages, trademarks of major financial institutions. We also hope to see the security price – in contrast to banks – to allow for free market risk and the cost of each currency. In the developing and developed countries of the Vuva platform.








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